Kids Party Unicorn Hair LAUnicorns are magical and so is Unicorn Hair! Quick to apply, lasts up to 4 weeks and an easy way to add fun colors without damaging your hair. Add a dash of rainbow magic to your next celebration with fun, temporary unicorn hair coloring by We Adorn You in Los Angeles, CA.

These colorful party streaks add pizzaz to your guest’s hair and memories to the night that will last for weeks to come.

For Kids Birthday Parties & So Much More

Serving you throughout the Los Angeles California area, unicorn hair is an excellent party addition. It’s fun for both children and adults and great at any event where people gather for festivities.

Colorful Hair Streaks For Everyone

Unicorn hair is an excellent alternative to traditional hair wraps popular in the 90’s and can be customized to your heart’s delight. Both men and women, boys and girls love to add a pop of colorful magic to their hair every once in a while, especially to commemorate a new change, such as a graduation. Adding a bit of hair flair for partygoers is super fun and meaningful even after the party’s over.

Providing All The Colors Of Your Rainbow

At We Adorn You, we provide all the colors of the rainbow for your night of unicorn hair fun. Match your party’s theme colors or your guest’s favorite colors. We can even cater to your company or school color templates for festive fundraisers and other fun business events.

Rainbow Festival Hair Is On Trend

Rainbow and pastel hair layering has become a new outrageous style that’s exciting to see and super trendy among leading fashion models and trendsetters. Unicorn hair is an excellent temporary hair coloring method that lasts up to 4 weeks and doesn’t damage hair like a permanent hair product. The colors are clipped into the hair using a small clamp, which holds the hair colors securely in place.  Don’t worry – you can still curl, straighten , and blow dry your hair with ease.

Book Unicorn Hair For Your Next Party

If your child has settled on a fantasy-themed birthday such as Harry Potter, mermaids, or fairies, then the unicorn hair party favor is a great take-home gift. Contact us at We Adorn You in Los Angeles today. Let us know more about your party and theme. We can help bring the fun and pizazz to entertain and adorn your guests.

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